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055 - How to have a better website

We talk all things web with Kayleigh from Kakadu Creative. The first thing someone does when they find out about your business is go and check out your website. What they find there dictates what happens next because research shows that someone makes up their mind about your company (and whether they want to work with or buy from you or not) within the first few seconds of loading up your website.

In this episode, we are joined by Vegan Business Tribe member Kayleigh Nicolaou from Kakadu Creative to talk about how to create a website that actually delivers you more customers – and why it’s especially important to get it right as a vegan business. Kakadu have also been through their own journey, recently rebranding themselves as a ‘vegan’ creative agency. So David asks what a difference bringing their vegan ethics to the front has made to their business.

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