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052 - How vegan start-up Better Nature scaled up super fast!

We share this interview from our Scale Up video series.  Within 6 months of launching, Better Nature had placed their tempeh products into 50 retailers.  Within a year they were in 100.  Now, just two years after launch, the company is valued at £5.5m and they have recently raised £1.5m through crowdfunding to fund the next stage of their route map.

But how did Better Nature scale up so quickly?  This interview with co-founder Chris Kong is part of our Vegan Scale Up series of interviews available to members on the Vegan Business Tribe website.  And it doesn’t matter if you have a food business like Chris, sell a service or even run a charity, you can adopt the same ‘growth mindset’ he used to scale up your vegan business.

Watch the video of this interview and others in our 'Scale Up' series, available to all Vegan Business tribe members:

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