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050 - How to have a successful vegan podcast (with special guests Katrina Fox, Jim Moore & Hayley Akins)

How to start and run your own vegan podcast. Join us for this special celebratory show as we reach episode 50! To celebrate, we are joined by three vegan podcasting legends to get their advice, stories and tips on how to run your own successful podcast.

Each of our guests have over 100 podcast episodes under their belt and you will learn: Why you or your business should have your own podcast; How to start, and if you need expensive equipment and software; How to find high-quality people to interview; How to use your website to pre-qualify your guests; How to keep your motivation going and your quality of content high; Using your podcast to find more customers and develop a relationship with potential clients; Where to promote your podcast to pick up more listeners and how to use your podcasting to further the vegan agenda, even if you’re not leading with a vegan message on your show.

Our three guests are:

Katrina Fox – Journalist, author, animal activist and host of the Vegan Business Talk Podcast and the VIVAS – Conversations with Vegan Women Leaders Podcast.

Jim Moore – Host of The Bloody Vegans Podcast and podcast mentor and editor.

Hayley Akins – Vegan motion designer, mentor and host of The Motion Hatch Podcast.

And as always, hosted by our own David Pannell – Co-Founder of Vegan Business Tribe, host of The Vegan Business Tribe Podcast and vegan business advocate.

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