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036 - Live Vegan Business Clinic with Lisa & David

We take you to a live vegan business clinic with four Vegan Business Tribe members. Today, we’re going to do something a bit different and pull back the curtain to let you listen in on one of our live business clinics that are usually reserved for Vegan Business Tribe members only. Four members, one problem or question each and (as a room) we try to answer them. In this session we are joined by Vegan Business Tribe members Mitali from Let’s Tell Your Story Publishing, Laxmi from Visual Synapses vegan web agency, Ellie from Vojo Health and Sara from Truckel Creative. The four questions they bring to the clinic are:

  1. How do you use ‘scarcity’ in a genuine way to get people to sign-up to a self-learning course?
  2. How do you find more leads and convert customers in a service-based business?
  3. How do you create a bespoke and automated online service when you don’t have the budget to spend tens of thousands of pounds on a custom website?
  4. How can you plan and create a course for those people in your audience who love what you do but can’t yet afford to use your main service?

Do YOU want to take part in a business clinic?  Book your place here.

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