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019 - Live: Taboos we don't talk about in business

We talk a lot about success, but what about the taboos in business that EVERYONE goes through but few talk about? Business failure, debt, mental health pressures, hidden disabilities… We bring together three successful vegan entrepreneurs to have an honest discussion about these things that we don’t talk about in business.

We approach the subject with some much-needed honesty about the journey that business owners and those running a business actually go through. That might be the mental health toll of running a business, dealing with challenges that might be invisible to others, or dealing with the reality of debt and failure and how to get through it.

Hosted by David, we are joined by three vegan entrepreneurs who have each successfully overcome their own struggles in business: Mike Hill from One Planet Pizza, Blue O’Connor from Kings Grooming, and our own Lisa Fox.

Watch the video recording of this panel here.

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