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004 - How to get your vegan business in the news (with Eden Green PR)

Today’s episode is a little longer than usual because I’m sharing a masterclass that we recorded for Vegan Business Tribe with Caroline Burgess-Pike from Eden Green PR on ‘how to get your vegan business in the news’. Now, one of the biggest questions we get asked at VBT is ‘How do I get my business OUT THERE?’ Because when you first start a vegan business, you spend a lot of time focusing on your product and your service but you don’t always have those skills in place to then get your product in the news. If this is you, then we’re going to change all that in this episode.

So first we look at how to work out what’s actually newsworthy about your business – and the truth is, your company JUST BEING VEGAN is no longer a news story. Once you’ve worked out what that newsworthy hook is, we then go on to talk about the practical side of getting your business in the news: how to approach editors of magazines and online news outlets, how to connect with influencers on Instagram and YouTube, all the really hands-on practical stuff. This is really one to listen to with your notebook nearby!

Watch the video of this masterclass in full here

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